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Lo & Behold: The Resurrection of Aldworth Manor

The rebirth of Aldworth Manor in Harrisville, NH is one such tale. Meet Shane Long: a former choral conductor and educator from Arkansas who happened upon the property through Zillow, of all things.

Inspired by the incredible potential of the land and manor house, and armed with a fair dose of romanticism and can-do, he contacted his family and they pooled resources to make the purchase happen.

For anyone who has taken on a restoration project, consider yourself one-uped. The Longs’ leap of faith would send tremors through the most hardy of general contractors and yet, with the perseverance of the saints, they are succeeding.

Shane’s brother, Jordan Long, a filmmaker, joined the effort by taking stunning drone photography and making a documentary that re-introduced the property to the public. He continues to spearhead marketing efforts for the Manor.

Roger and Tammy Long changed their retirement plans and now spend much of the year working with their sons on the manor house.

Tammy, whose warmth and enthusiasm embody a lifetime of grace and giving, smiles broadly with every telling of memorable weddings and events held at the Manor. Roger walks the grounds with ladder in hand, working on projects and assisting where needed. A former college instructor and carpenter, his pleasant and helpful demeanor is visible in all that he does.

The Manor’s peaceful location atop a hill, and at the end of a long, winding road, lends itself to retreats, family reunions, and parties. With two unique lodging options, extensive gardens and trails, and the Manor itself, it isn’t hard to imagine the dream that first captured Shane’s imagination.

The bond that holds this family together is tangible when you walk the grounds, pull the easel out of your trunk (artists are most welcome during the week), or sip your coffee during Mornings at the Manor in warm weather. Accolades continue to pour in from brides, guests, and visitors to the property.

“We’re thrilled to be able to make Aldworth a piece of Monadnock’s fabric again,”Shane shares. “Our wish is to share its beauty with everyone.”

184 Aldworth Manor Road
Harrisville, NH