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Mad Radish CSA

By Brittany Dooling

When I think of farming, it’s the earthy, rich smell of potting soil that immediately comes to mind: the sense of calm and quiet that comes over me when I sift the soil through my fingers. It’s the fluffy, warm feeling of a baby goat in my arms. The sight of vibrant, green basil popping up in the greenhouse as I release its intoxicating, hazy summer scent with the brush of my fingers. The texture of a worn knife, molded to my hand. The feeling of the first tomato of the season: smooth, heavy and satisfying.

The greatest feeling for me – and one that brings the most satisfaction – is seeing our CSA members pick up their shares at the farm. When our members thank me for everything that I’ve put into the season, and tell me how much they have enjoyed the vegetables we’ve grown, it’s the greatest success that I could ever hope for as a farmer.

I don’t think I would trade farming for anything else. I sometimes imagine what my life would be like if I wasn’t farming. Often, in the middle of a busy summer, I wonder if farming is what I really want to do with my life. But then it’s fall, and I’m harvesting what feels like a thousand different veggies and the air is crisp and I have a beautiful display at the market and everyone is happy. In those moments I try to imagine a profession that would bring me as much gratitude for my land and my community, and I don’t think it is possible. Farming brings me the greatest connection to the land, people, and animals, and is what makes me most human.

Mad Radish CSA
Four Winds Farm
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Peterborough, NH