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Sharing the Tradition and Heritage of New England Practicality

When you think of heritage, images and metaphors of New Englando ften come to mind. With its rich past that has been preserved and guarded since the pre-revolutionary War colonial era, this region is home to many time-honored traditions. It’s a place where the roots of Yankee ingenuity and superior craftsmanship run deep.

It was with respect for that heritage and the enduring Yankee values of integrity, practicality, frugality, and innovation that New England EverydayGoods was  founded in 2010 by entrepreneur merchants James and Susan Therriault. They started the retail business with a simple idea: Seek out unique and useful products made here in New England.

After some initial research, James and Susan quickly discovered there was a wide variety of quality goods available from individual artisans and craftspeople, as well as from small cottage industry mom-and-pop businesses, and from New England-based manufacturers. The majority of these products had fascinating stories or histories associated with them, making the merchandise that much more interesting and special.

From its humble beginnings in a 400 square foot space to a larger storefront less than a year after opening in downtown Peterborough, the Therriaults made a quantum leap and purchased a landmark property in Jaffrey in early 2014. Once the site of a family farm stand, the sprawling building on a picturesque hillside with bucolic views is now home to New England Everyday Goods.

Based on the property’s heritage, the Therriaults added a Farm Market aspect to their establishment, continuing the tradition of offering farm-fresh in-season produce in addition to natural and specialty foods.

New England Everyday Goods
16 Coll’s Farm Road | Jaffrey, NH
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