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A Little Bit of Improv & A Lot of Experience

Interview by Emma Canty-Carrel | Photos by Kate Preftakes

Jordana Korsen is the creative force behind Hot Glass Art Center (HGAC), an interactive, experiential studio and gallery in Marlborough, NH. With the full-time assistance of Brigida Mosley, an art educator and glassblower herself, HGAC offers glassblowing classes to individuals and groups of all ages – seven days a week. They also produce a large body of blown glassware available throughout New England.

Emma Canty-Carrel: Why glass blowing? How did this passion arise?

Jordana Korsen: While I was an undergrad pursuing an Art and Education degree I stumbled across the small, free-for-all glass shop on campus. I loved the community element that glassblowing, like the music scene, holds. We work together, play together, creating as a collaborative. That’s why I fell for glassblowing as a medium. It also made sense that a social instigator like myself would be drawn to a material like hot glass. Though glassblowing has been my predominant medium for 25 years, teaching is truly the art at which I am most prolific. I recognized my commitment to arts education while at Goddard College completing my MFA.

ECC: What can a student expect at HGAC?

JK: The experience we offer is dictated by our students’ interests as individuals, rather than guidelines or a set curriculum. That tailored experience is one of the major components that sets our facility apart. We offer a more personal approach. It takes a ton of creativity, experience, and willingness to improvise, but that’s what we do best.

ECC: What is your dream for the studio?

JK: That it continues to grow! I’d also like to one day have the studio run on solar energy and be environmentally sound. There is nothing environmental about people or glassblowing, but if we could use less fossil fuel, it would be awesome.

ECC: Do you have any advice for others trying to find a job tied to their passions?

JK: Dont ever sell out. If you’re lucky enough to find a passion, pursue it as a career. Do what you love, and everything you need will find its way into your life. That’s why we live very simply. We laugh and say, “Good thing we like rice and beans.” But honestly, we have everything in the world because we’re happy.

Hot Glass Art Center 99 Main Street | Marlborough, NH | 603.876.9474 |