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Brewing Up Success

Preserving the historic elements of a building while creating a useable space is tricky stuff. For Catlin + Petrovick Architects in Keene, NH, it’s just another exciting day at the office. Recently, the firm was charged with taking an abandoned, historic mill manager’s residence along Keene’s Branch River and creating a commercial property that would house Prime Roast’s wholesale coffee business.

The use of the site was limited by zoning ordinances: the new owners couldn’t expand. That meant that every inch of space – and every design decision – was pivotal.

The original stone and granite foundation had settled, causing the masonry walls to begin to fail. The historic interior framing and roof structures were in need of replacement. The stone cellar needed to be stabilized to meet the load-bearing requirements for the new coffee roasting equipment.

New, wood-framed walls were constructed inside the historic exterior masonry façade to provide structural integrity and space to install closed cell foam for insulation and air sealing. Layers of rigid foam and vapor barrier were used under the new interior concrete slab to isolate it from the stone foundation.

The new roof structure includes cellulose insulation and closed cell foam. Marvin Windows and Doors provide the desired aesthetic, along with aiding in the efficiency of the building envelope. The unique Marvin Bi-fold French Door system allows for easy shipping and receiving.

The fresh, unique design resulted in an efficient, repurposed historic building that will provide many more years of service with minimal negative impact on the environment.

Photos by Nancy Belluscio

designed by Catlin + Petrovick Architects in Keene, NH

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