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Hooray for Vintage! The Melamine Cup

You knew they’d be back. The Danish furniture in your grandparent’s living room, the Corelle dishware your mother washed by hand, the bar sets and fondue pots, the mid-century blown glass ashtrays your parents pulled out at parties. It’s all here for the picking at the Melamine Cup in Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

Specializing in items from the 1950’s through the early 1980’s, Melamine Cup is a veritable walk through history. With new items every week – and a very busy internet following – owners Kari Lindstrom and Jim Quiter have made an incredible business out of their unique, somewhat disparate talents.

Kari, a career counselor by training, uses her compassion and interest in the lives of others to gather stories of objects being passed into Melamine’s care. She enjoys visiting with families who are downsizing, or parting with objects that belonged to their parents or grandparents, taking special stories with her that she’ll then share with the new owners of the objects.

Jim, a former field engineer in the healthcare industry, is now a successful auctioneer. He brings years of picking skills (passed down from his grandmother who owned several second-hand shops) to the couple’s non-stop search for vintage goods. A treasure hunter at heart, Jim finds gems where others might not think to look. He also has a natural sense for pricing, having sized up many a crowd – and even more crates of goods – in his career.

“Thinking back to my childhood, I can remember spinning round and round in the black Eames-style chair in our living room,” Kari shares. “We’d all be watching the black and white TV, or listening to records on the 8-track player. My parents, New Hampshire transplants from Boston, had a wonderful collection of mid-century modern furniture that was all the rage back in the 60’s. Today, I’m incredibly passionate about passing on vintage pieces like those from my childhood into the hands of new owners. Saving one piece of history at a time is what it’s all about!”

The Melamine Cup – Mid Century Modern & More
105 Peterborough Street Jaffrey, NH | 603.532.4900